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I'M LEAVING 8O OFFICIALLY. Because I sort of already unofficially did I suppose because I'm dead 8D;; And so's like... the RP's I'm in that I never do anything in >_>;; I just lost interest D: Ja~~
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I hate to do this, but I'm unfortunately going to have to drop this RP.

Summer quarter's going to be starting up soon, and I just can't afford to stay here. I'm sorry. I don't even have a Yoru anymore. And this RP isn't really going anywhere.

If someone wants to grab ICRan, feel free. You can even have the journal. Just emal/IM me and get the password. If you don't, I'll delete the journal.

Thanks. I had a good time. Bye~ ♥
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Off to A-kon!

Sorry for those of you who are on my flist and getting this a bazillion times. ^^;

I'm off to A-kon this weekend! Hooray! If you're going to be there, look for a gal with green hair Ueki Kousuke from the Law of Ueki. >:D Er. Hanging out with Kaitou 773 Mensou. Wai, Nanami-chaaaan.

I'll be back June 7th, so if you'd like to play with Ran-chan, please drop me an email at beautifulsena @ gmail . com and i'll get back to you when I returen. ^^ Ja~ ♥
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Ren & Hiromu RP log

Hi, mina-san! This is your brand shiny-new IC!Hiromu-mun speaking. ^^ Please call me Fyre (or any variation of that ;3). My AIM is FyredRage, and Hiromu's journal is at lilblondbimbo, so yes, add if you haven't done so already? :D And leave me your SN so I can add you back. ><;;

That aside, I bring to you today... first RP log! *ta-da* ^^

Characters: OOC!Ren, IC!Hiromu
Rating: PG, mostly ;3
Summary: Hiromu runs into Ren, some flirting is a given and the blondie somehow ends up dishing out relationship advice. XD

Note: I tried to format it so it's easier to read... *dooooork* Please tell me if it was worth the effort. x.x; ... And should it be spaced out more? *dithers*

Hiromu just can't keep his nose out of other people's business... And somebody forgot to tell Ren to watch out for the small blond busybody on campus. ;DCollapse )
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OOC: RP-Log--Nagase and Gaku's Dinner "Date"

This was something Arc-san, (who plays IC!Gaku in this community), and myself, Keruri, (and you probably already know or will be able to tell by the avatar that I play IC!Nagase), have been working on for a while now over AIM on our own. Basically, Nagase invited Gaku over for dinner one night, (to, "have a meal together and go over research together"), and this was what occurred between them that evening. Written in story format, this is, and it's a bit long...I apologize for that, but for the sake of flow, Arc-san and I didn't want to really split it into parts. It works best as a coherent one-shot. [Nods]

And I'm sure the differences in our writing styles will be apparently when you read this, but we took turns, basically, writing parts of the story in our RP-character's perspective...it was really fun, and I'm actually looking foward to doing this again. ^^ Tell me what you guys think, okay? Feedback on whether this collaborative effort was worth it is really appreciated.

Title: Unnamed, but let's just call it, "Nagase and Gaku's Dinner 'Date'," for convenience, hmm?
Rating: PG/PG-13-ish for innuendo and some dirty humor. Nothing smutty between the characters, though, so it's fairly tame in that respect. X3

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OOC: The OOC!Chibi-chan complete! Fuu-chan's first appearance

Just a few RP's from yesterday, Yoru, Nao, And I being the main players.
Dana does a bit as OOC!Kano too{and may I applaud you for the speed you prob have to type at to do the little guy? I mean, wow.}
Same drill as with all my logs, hope you enjoy ^-~
Ah yes, and Ren kinda has mood swings here since I was still getting a hold of how he should act with Fuuta,
and Fuuta and Sei in the same room
In other words I think he acts a little ooc, but that may just be me being hard on myself >.>

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And I'm drawing a sad-ish pic of a idea from that first RP now :D
It'll be like one of Aiz-chan's pictures, but I don't care about it being a masterpiece^^*
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stock. there&#39;s no love for me no more

OOC: ... n_n;

Everyone just... disregard the snarky!owner attitude of that last post. XD That was just Chi getting all pissed off and being all "MINEMINE >:O" As Ren's RPer said, people are just trying to push the plot along. So, I was in the wrong for that .__.
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